Zita is a character, a human figure (or not) with her own DNA, values, culture, experiences, temperament, positions, contradictions, protests, etc..

Its personality and character traits evolve according to the team that composes it:

Damien Guiot
Architect graduated from Saint-Luc-Tournai Institute, urban planner and manager

Damien Guiot was born in 1977 in Valenciennes (F). He graduated in 2000 from the Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Saint-Luc in Tournai (B) and in 2002 from the Geography Faculty at the Lille's Science and Technology University with a master's degree in urban planning.

A first experience with Adriaan Geuze, within WEST8 in Rotterdam (NL), laid the foundations for a positive sensitivity to landscape architecture, urban planning and public space design issues.
Between 2004 and 2010, he worked in Lille in architectural agencies with national ambitions such as Tank Architects and, more specifically, Béal & Blanckaert to develop projects in the Euralille area, including the construction of a 126-room hotel and public facilities such as the Lille's Tennis-Club.
From these many experiences, a sharing of common values has developed, rich in ethics and commitment, methodology and rigour, ambition and vitality, poetry and sensitivity.

In 2010, he co-founded the agency Wonk Architects with which he was nominated in 2013 for the "Equerre d'Argent" Award in the "First work" category for the Institute of Health Training.

In 2018, his participation in a competition for a digital Third Place facility in Fourmies (F), a particularly ambitious program in terms of energy design (REV3) and materials (Cradle to Cradle), arouses in him a pronounced interest in frugality in architecture. This experience marks a significant step in his approach to the project. He then left Wonk Architects in 2019 to pursue his own practice of architecture and urban planning in a different way.

Julian Lorettelli
Architect graduated from Saint-Luc-Tournai Institute

Julian graduated from the Institut supérieur d'architecture Saint-Luc de Tournai (B) in 2018 after obtaining a DUT in Civil Engineering at the Paul-Sabatier University of Toulouse in 2011.

Julian shows great skills of computer tools and work modelling. He is deeply rooted in the design and implementation of each project and stresses the importance of detail and materiality as fundamental principles of good design.

Aline Dausque
Architect DE (licenced by the government)

Aline graduated with a master's degree in architecture from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (B) in 2015.

Enriched by her experience as an architect on the scale of private individuals in Belgium, then collective housing in France, Aline places uses and users at the heart of the project. 

Antoine Baguenier Desormeaux
Landscaper D.P.L.G. (licenced by the government)

Antoine graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles in 2014 after a course in Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Paris IV Sorbonne.

His various professional and personal experiences have developed and reinforced his conviction that a project can only succeed if the inhabitant and/or user is placed at the heart of creative thinking, from the territorial project to urban planning. 

They have been through the agency :
Collaborators : Guillemette Pralat, Maud-Cécile Carette
Interns : Christian Nunez Dumas, Clara Garret, Théophile Vicart, Tohmas Hohm


The agency regularly hires trainees and does not hesitate to increase its staff from time to time and to surround itself with independent architects, perspectivists, model-makers, etc.
We do not hesitate to call on outside skills to benefit from expertise on specific subjects. Diverse and renewed collaborations are always a source of richness for the project and for those who develop it.