Coupe de la Fourmilière / The Ant Hill sectional view.
Coupe de la Fourmilière / The Ant Hill sectional view.



Zita is a multidisciplinary office that cultivates a plural and transversal approach to design and architecture.

We refute any idea of a boundary between landscape, urbanism and architecture. Our practice is multifaceted and the correlations between these three disciplines apply from the smallest object to large-scale planning.

Rich in multiple skills, our office is animated by talented designers and experienced architects who jointly develop projects ranging from first sketches to on-site supervision.

Our approach to projects is resolutely optimistic and contagious.

It is a state of mind that stimulates our team's creativity as well as the relationship with our clients, from the very first stages of a project's conception. The first of these is to be receptive without limiting our imagination - which allows us to collectively involve our collaborators and partners in the design of a project. This results in captivating and constructed interdisciplinary responses that transcend it.

We are deeply eco-citizens and our projects are eco-responsible.

Humanity today is called upon to respond to the most important challenge facing our society: ensuring a sustainable living environment. Thus, after 50 years of domination, modernism is facing a new paradigm that prioritizes quality rather than quantity, so that the city is more alive and livable, sustainable and healthier.

As architect-urban planners, we have a leading role to play and we make sure, in each of its projects, to reduce the ecological impact, to reduce the energy cost of the construction site, and to use recycled and/or biosourced materials, from local sources.

Finally, our projects describe a resolutely social approach that places users, residents and visitors at the heart of our thoughts and concerns.

We are empathetic and put the user at the center of our thinking as architects in order to understand his posture, his needs, but also what might surprise him. The projects we design feature meeting places, places that are conducive to social relationships, places of urban vitality: places that amaze and make sense.

We consider each of our projects as a collective and shared adventure through which we express a deeply human and sustainable philosophy in its approach, enthusiastic in its ambition and professional in its process.