© Laurent Zimny.
© Laurent Zimny.

Who is Zita ?


Zita is a character, a human figure (or not) with her own DNA, values, culture, experiences, temperament, positions, contradictions, jokes, etc... Its personality and character traits evolve according to the team that composes it.

Zita likes rock and pretty things

We are as sensitive to the power or richness that a few musical instruments can bring together as we are to the unexpected aesthetics of a street corner, simply because it challenges and moves us.

We appreciate all forms of expression and position, whether they are radical, extravagant or even excessive or more sensitive; it is the rightness and relevance of the answers provided that evoke emotion and reflection.

Zita is optimistic and positive

Optimism is contagious. Our positive mindset enriches our team and our customers with the excitement of possibilities. The first step is to be receptive to what could be and imagine great! Then it's a matter of taking each of our partners into a collective and unbridled imagination. This results in captivating and constructed interdisciplinary responses that transcend the project.

Zita appreciates authenticity and common sense.

We do not conceive the practice of architecture without giving (good) sense to our actions and projects. We affirm the sincerity of our words through the authenticity of the materials we use in order to "build real", which means respecting the place and the conditions that govern the implementation of a program in a context; it also means respecting the material in all its nobility and the nature from which it is extracted.

Zita loves people

We are empathetic. Even before starting to draw, it is essential for us architects to identify with the user, to put ourselves in the user's shoes, to understand their needs, expectations and requirements and, even more importantly, to anticipate and propose what they would not have imagined. Architecture is an art for others.

Zita is enriched by shared encounters and collaborations.

Before being a constructed work, a project is a collective adventure where each partner exchanges and shares its experiences and skills with the others and in the interest of the project.

Zita is eco-responsible and eco-citizen

We seek to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and at all times. Whether at home or at work, our eco-attitude is a daily attention to limit our environmental impact. This enables us to save money, to participate in the diffusion of positive ideas to work while preserving the environment.

Zita "thinks globally and acts locally" (René Dubos, 1972)

We think globally, because each of our actions has an impact on the other side of the world. Local action does not only have consequences that limit freight transportation: it helps to develop the area around us, renew and maintain it, strengthen its ecosystem, reinforce its economy, and reinforce its social cohesion. We apply this policy both on a daily basis and in the projects we develop.

Zita gets around by bike

We live and work in the city. Cycling as a daily mode of travel is therefore a matter of course, not only from an environmental point of view: it is also the most convenient, fastest, healthiest and cheapest way to get around.  In order to make the city more lively and livable, sustainable and healthier, the bicycle is - unlike the car - a convivial way to live and share the city, to rub shoulders with its inhabitants, to greet someone you know as you pass by or to feel the excitement of the urban and social mix.

Zita is eclectic

We have no "style". The solutions we propose are inspired by common sense and are developed in line with the objectives we are aiming for. We do not have a predefined scheme governing our production. For each of our projects, we strive to take distance to best respond to the program, the place and the future users.

Zita likes to take on challenges and explore the field of the possible.

We don't have a ready-made formula for designing a project. Our work is always informed by a global vision. We always strive to offer something that is fresh, unexpected and reasoned. We like to push the limits and look for creative solutions. 

We balance this with pragmatism and understand that there are inherent limitations to every project. Each constraint becomes a starting point for action.

Zita is demanding and rigorous

Between the start of an operation and the delivery of the construction site, the development of a project is a long term work that requires method, a lot of rigor, perseverance, perseverance, but also a great attention to detail.

Zita is curious and likes to understand

In order to best meet the project's expectations, it is important to understand the mechanisms and to dissect the logics that lead to the specificities of a program. 

Beyond the project, our curiosity is an insatiable appetite for learning and openness to the world around us. This is the necessary quality that leads to culture and personal and professional richness.

Zita is creative

Culture is fundamental to creation and we take great pleasure in looking at and understanding experiences in the fields around us: architecture, urbanism, landscape, science, art, sociology, etc. On the other hand, to work effectively in a creative field, the mind must be free and uninhibited. Our work environment is therefore fun, relaxed and inspiring. We encourage ourselves to explore our talents through experimentation and participation.

Zita strives for excellence

The quest for excellence is a driving force that pulls upwards. It is federative and always pushes the limits of our ambitions further.

Zita is architects